How healthy are you? Do you think you eat well?

A few years ago when I moved to a new doctor’s surgery my family all had a new patient appointment to check our health. I was surprised that one of the questions was “do you have a healthy diet?” leaving two possible answers. Yes or no!

My thought at the time was that not everyone would know what a healthy diet was, there was no input from the nurse as to what a healthy diet might be and no discussion about it – a completely missed opportunity to find out about the patient and to give them some pointers if needed.

Nowadays my own view of what a healthy diet is has developed. I feel that wherever we are we can always improve, upgrade and change for the better. It’s unusual to have a “perfect” diet because this is so very difficult and I can’t say that I know anyone who eats only what they know is good for them.

But wherever we are we can begin there. We can always improve. There is always more to learn. And what is a good diet for one person may be quite different for another.

It is the same for other health modalities other than nutrition. As far as our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is concerned we begin where we are.

As a homeopath the first consultation is where we take a thorough look at where you are, without judgement. It’s only from there that we can start the journey of improving your health, from where you are now.

Christina x